Shein is an online commerce platform originating in China, it was created in 2008 and is currently one of the most popular alternatives in the field of clothing. It is for this reason that from Portal Puente Alto we leave you 5 tips to buy on this platform.

1.-Use coupons: 

From the same application they send you discount coupons, it is advisable to accept them all and when buying use them, it is worth mentioning that the greater the purchase, the greater the discount.

2.-Collect points: Every day when entering the application, clicking on the Check-In tab, SHEIN gives you points, it should be remembered that each point is equivalent to 1 dollar cent, another way is by making comments or purchases, everything adds points, which you can use when making a purchase, it is also possible to use it in conjunction with discount codes.

3.-Look at the size guide: To select the size it is advisable to look at the exact measurements of each product, in turn, it is also good to look at the type of fabric in the product description.

4.-Look at comments: In each product, you can see in the comments section, opinions and photos of people with clothes, in this way you can better appreciate each product.

5.-Look at the Flash Sale offers: Within the SHEIN application, there is the Flash Sale section, where for a limited time certain products are discounted, in addition these are divided into sections (Clothes for women, men, children, babies, etc. In addition to Home & Living, Clothing Accessories, Jewelry & Watches and Beauty & Personal Care).