Consumers are enjoying themselves more and more every day, they want to make many plans, be in many places and follow the latest trends. However, being able to do everything is practically impossible, since it incurs many expenses and these are not suitable for all types of pockets.

This causes us to have to choose between one thing and another, but, if there is something that we do not give up, it is whims. Within these whims, the fashion sector is often found. So much so that, according to the study ‘The Fashion Sector’ by EAE Business School, consumer spending on clothing and footwear will increase by 5.5% in 2022.

In order to continue allowing ourselves those self-gifts, we have spoken with NU-REVEL, a minimalist clothing company, and they recommend five tricks that will help us continue buying clothes and saving at the same time.

Buy on key dates. That sales only exist after Christmas and in the middle of summer is a myth. The stores have promotions throughout the year, whether it’s the mid-season or key dates such as Black Friday or Father’s Day. Take the opportunity to buy on those dates, it is key to continue saving.

Compare with the competition. The fashion industry is growing every day. There are clothes for all kinds of people. More modern styles, more classic or even more committed to the environment. All this, as a consumer, gives us the possibility to choose from a universe of options, so comparing and choosing well is a guaranteed saving trick.

Bet on versatile garments. Saving is not synonymous with paying less for a garment. There is another way, bet on basic and versatile garments that can be given more than one use. For example, the NU-REVEL brand concept is “less is more”, which has interchangeable clothing designs to make different looks. Signatures like this will help you not to fill your wardrobe with many similar garments.

Fashions never pass. If you don’t like something, give it a second chance. Buying and selling second-hand clothes has become an increasingly common practice. Selling those clothes that we no longer use or that still have the label incorporated is a way to recover money and be able to reinvest it in new whims.

Administer yourself. The most important trick. Dedicating a monthly budget item to fashion will be the only way you will have to keep control over your expenses and not overindulge in whims. The arrival of spring is one of the most tempting times when it comes to buying clothes and you have to know how to control yourself.