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Today we are going to introduce 8 cheap dresses  with pockets. I hope you will enjoy them.

1.Corduroy Dress With Pocket  perfect  for not very hot weather.

The pocket is in front and you can place your phone or wallet. Get it on shein only $9. There are four other colors, but the price is10 dollars.

2.Grey Sweatshirt Dress—— It’s very comfortable and you can wear it at home.

Its just a thin cotton shirt thought, not a hoodie the way hoodies are – thick and warm. Nice hooded knee length or longer sweatshirt dress. Lightweight. Get it on shein $12.

3. Bleach Wash Denim Overall Dress.

The denim is very sturdy and super cute. If you want it loose fitting you need getting a size (or 2) larger . Get it on shein $15.

4. Flower Print Sleeveless Dress——Bohemian style.

Swingy summer dress! Soft fabric and a little see through. Love the look and fit. Get it on shein $14.

5.Grey Dual Pocket Sweater Dress.

It is very warm and snug fit dress, You can wear in winter. Get it on shein $14.

6. Color Block Dress With Pocket.

Very soft material, but good quality. Very nice fitting and easy to wear.Back of dress is longer than the front,This dress is the perfect length for work or any other social outing.Get it on shein $15.

7.Drop Shoulder Pockets Dress.

How can you beat a sweatshirt dress with pockets that you can throw on anytime, anywhere, and dress up or dress down! This little number is casual and can be worn over Jeans or a Black skirt…Get it on shein $13.

8.Short Sleeve Casual Shift Dress.

Super soft, fits perfect and love the pockets! The fabric is so soft and stretchy. It’s very comfortable, and the pockets are great. Get it on shein $17.
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