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Shein, one of the most famous online clothing stores among  Internet influencers  , has launched its own discount campaign for Black Friday.

November 18, 2021 14:16SAVE


Manuel Fernandez

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If you have frequented social networks in Spain in recent months, you will have heard of this name:  Shein. This is a fashion firm that has been gaining notoriety in our country recently due to the quality-price ratio of the garments it sells. Now, the website is holding a pre -Black Friday campaign with bargains on its website.

But first; What is shein? While it is true that this is a clothing brand that has become popular among  influencers  of networks such as Instagram or TikTok, it is still a very unknown phenomenon for many. And many should, given the impact he’s making recently.

Shein’s campaign for Black Friday allows you to buy clothes with  up to 75% discount. All this added to the fact that Shein herself promotes codes that further reduce the price, with flash  offers  that leave clothes for  50 cents.

What is Shein?

A large part of Shein’s popularity has come from TikTok . This is an online  fashion store  , mainly aimed at young people, but with very aggressive prices. The influencers of the platform have highlighted the fact that the store or online sells extremely cheap clothes, especially if we compare Shein with other stores of the competition.Shein flash deals

Shein flash deals Manuel Fernandez Omicrono

Its popularity is such that currently in Spain the Shein application is  the most downloaded in the ‘Purchases’ section  of the App Store, and the content that only the store has generated in these social networks is immense, with hundreds of thousands of content creators talking about this platform.

It was founded in 2008, is based in China and operates exclusively online . Something that on the other hand has been tremendously good for the firm, due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the LatePost site in China , Shein is based on Google trends on the fashion of young people in each country and thus makes his designs.Black Friday in Shein

Black Friday in Shein Manuel Fernandez Omicrono

If a user has never entered Shein before and enters the web for the first time, they will find a lot of coupons and discounts to apply to different purchases, reducing the potential price of each purchase to a minimum. And again, we are already talking about low prices, with flash  offers  that leave sweatshirts at just over 7 euros or lingerie sets also at 7 euros.

Black Friday in Shein

This Black Friday campaign consists of discounts of up to 75% on all types of garments. With purchases from 59 euros, the web makes  a gift in the store basket. In addition, Shein offers a 3 euro discount on the first orders, and standard shipping becomes free on purchases over 29 euros.

If these orders are made from the application, with the OAO code you will get 5 euros discount on orders over 35 euros, and free shipping will be made for new customers. Discounted garments have a small symbol that marks them as offered within the campaign. This will last  until tomorrow, November 19,  both on the web and in the application for Android and iOS.

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