What they most look for on the internet for online shopping.

As for clothing, shein better seduces women when it comes to searching and choosing to buy online.

The sale of products in e-commerce undoubtedly increased with the pandemic. Now it is striking to know what is the most purchased on digital platforms, with food and streaming service subscriptions leading the list.

According to the results of the report of the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO), the products that people prefer to buy online are:


-Meal delivery, such as UberEats or Didi Food (66%)

-Fashion, such as boutiques dedicated to the sale of clothing and footwear, such as Shein (57%)

-Beauty and personal care, such as cosmetics (52%)

-Electronics, such as smartphones (46%)

-Electrical appliances (43%)

-Consoles and videogames (41%)

-Pharmacy, which includes medications and personal care (41%)

-Supermarket; pantry products and daily consumption (40%)

-Office items (37%)

-Tools (35%)

Streaming services are preferred in ecommerce (Photo: REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / File Photo)


The results are based on survey data from e-commerce buyers in Mexico. On the other hand, the results of the Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) company, which bases its data on financial transactions made by consumers, the most purchased on online platforms were the following products:

-Subscription services, such as Netflix, Spotify, HBO, Amazon Prime, among others (83%)

-Mobile telephony (78%)

-Internet banking, including payments, transfers and withdrawals (78%)

-Payment of public services, such as water, electricity and telephone bills (75%)

-Cultural content (72%)

-Urban transport, such as taxis, scooters, motorcycles and bicycles (70%)

-Travel (67%)

-Shows and events (57%)

-Education (52%)

-Courier service (52%)

Digital purchases (Photo: Piaxabay)
Digital purchases (Photo: Piaxabay)
In this way, a Worldplay report, consulted by AMI, the most frequent payment methods in 2020 in electronic commerce were:

-Credit card (29%)

-E-Wallet (27%)

-Debit card (18%)

-Bank transfer (10%)

-Co-reimbursement (8%)

-Deferred debit and charge card (5%)

-Prepaid card (2%)

-Other (1%)

-Rechargeable cards (1%)

A Visa credit card is seen on a computer keyboard (Photo: REUTERS / Philippe Wojazer / Illustration)
A Visa credit card is seen on a computer keyboard (Photo: REUTERS / Philippe Wojazer / Illustration)
Top devices used for online shopping
Another report that AMI had access to, indicates that 59% of buyers prefer to purchase products from their smartphone, while 20% prefer to do it from their laptop, 8% use their desktop computer and the minority (7%) use to your tablets to buy online.

The survey that took into account 2,000 opinions, reveals that the use of smartphones has been increasing since 2018, while the use of computers is on the decline.

Types of e-commerce
The above leads us to remember that, according to Beetrack, there are traditionally three types of electronic commerce in the world, which are:

Online store

In this, the company develops its own internet site to sell its products or within its corporate page it includes a specialized section for that purpose.

Buyers prefer to use their smartphone .
Buyers prefer to use their smartphone .

They are platforms in which any user or company can buy or sell products, similar to the one found within Facebook.

Mobile commerce

This has become popular, as it is e-commerce applications that customers can download and start using it to make purchases within it.

Although these three are the traditional ones, others such as Headless Commerce have been developed, and experts estimate that more ecommerce options continue to make their way.

According to the AMVO, electronic commerce increased in Mexico up to 81% compared to 2019, reaching sales of up to 15 thousand 349 million dollars. Meanwhile, the Digital 2021 report pointed out that internet users in the world increased up to 7.3%, which means that 4.66 billion people were digitized.