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How to ask for a refund at Shein (Update 2022)

Shein , an online store focused on fashion and apparel, has a return policy that allows consumers to request their money back if they are not satisfied with a product. There are two ways to return your purchase and request aIs Shein a good web to buy clothes from? Learn to buy on the site that conquered the internet in 2022 refund from Shein , […]

Proof that the Clothes in shein are not of Poor Quality.

Where does the first production journey of the Shein app as E-COMMERCE begin and how is it so cheap? We are all concerned about the quality of what comes from China. But in the specific case of clothing, the description of the garment speaks for itself. If it says Cotton 100% Cotton on the label when buying from Shein, it is synonymous with a quality garment. Also, any […]