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Another celebrity has decided to embark on business related to cosmetic products. Following in the footsteps of characters such as Kylie Jenner, Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez, Harry Styles has expanded his facet as an entrepreneur with the idea of ​​launching his own brand of fragrances and beauty products. The artist has not yet confirmed anything, but some documents obtained by US Weekly have revealed the British’s future plans.

And it is that Harry Styles does not stop. After seducing the public with his two solo albums, starring in Gucci campaigns as a model, becoming a fashion and style icon promoting the fluidity of garments without following the norms marked by gender and succeeding with his facet as an actor, Now she wants to dedicate herself to the beauty sector.

Of course, Harry Styles is the member who has best taken advantage of the platform that One Direction gave him. The singer, who continues to win awards for his latest album, including a Grammy for best vocal performance, has been focused on acting for some time.

After participating in Don’t Worry Darling, the film directed by Olivia Wilde, his current partner, he is now immersed in the filming of My Policeman where he plays a homosexual law enforcement officer who has to live a love story in secret. But it seems that with this, Harry Styles does not have enough.

As US Weekly has learned through documents, the Briton plans to launch his own fragrance and a line of cosmetic products under the name of Pleased as holdings limited. According to the company records, the company will bear the name of Styles Harry Edward and his position is that of director, while his assistant and right-hand man for years, Emma Spring, also appears in the papers as part of the team.

The details of the products that he intends to market are unknown, but in the description of the activity it is made clear that they have to do with the cosmetics and fragrances sector. The idea comes after candles with the scent of Harry Styles were put up for sale a year ago and sold out in a matter of hours.

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