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  • Vanessa 5 months ago


  • Shana erityer 5 months ago

    Thanks for give like. happy new year baby 🙂

  • Sami shictell 5 months ago

    This looked cute ,the new collection , but it was slightly too large at home (even though I ordered my typical size.

    A bodycon dress is definitely unflattering when it’s not tight enough, so this was sent back as well. The fabric was a bit strange as well.

  • Parisina 5 months ago

    Their sizing was better than I figured it would be – most of the clothes actually fit well! When I first purchased a couple of years ago, everything was far too small. They have definitely taken the initiative to improve SheIn sizing since then. That said, there were still a couple of items that were slightly off.

  • lorena ambrosi 5 months ago

    QUALITY : You’d imagine that the more expensive products I purchased would be better, but this wasn’t always the case.

    For example, the fabric of the corduroy pants ($20) was great, but the design looked weird when I put them on. The white jacket ($25) was cute, but incredibly itchy. To my surprise, the two inexpensive crop tops I ordered were the highest quality (just $4 and $7 each)!

  • KEILA DI MEO 5 months ago

    🎊 The only reason I will continue to purchase is because they offer free returns (with your first order). This diminishes any worries I may have about their clothes because I can just return them if they suck (except for some types of clothes that are excluded such as SheIn swimwear and a few others listed below).

    Thanks for like my comment . happy new year to all : 🥂

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US SHEIN 2022 Collection

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