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The low-cost clothing brand Shein launched its Sheglam makeup line a few months ago. This brand since it came out on the market has been characterized by offering low prices in each of its garments, and with its new products it intends to position itself again as it already did. On the site itself it is announced that cosmetic products are not tested on animals, so at the beginning it is news that invites us to buy with them.

What can we find on the site about your new makeup? As with clothing, the makeup line follows fashion trends and also offers the basics that we are all looking for: foundation, concealers, brushes, sponges, shadows, eyeliners, lipsticks and mascara. The very on-trend eyeshadow color palettes are updated with shades we’ve seen on catwalks and in photo shoots for prestigious brands.

As the trend today is colors with glitter and metallic applications, some reminding us of nineties fashions, you can find on this site eyeshadows and lipsticks in gold, silver and pastel shades that we will continue to see for this 2022, for example. , to achieve a watercolor finish that we recommend you wear now.

One of the most seen colors on the page is nude, and we can find it especially in lipsticks. Since this color came to prevail as a trend, it has not disappeared and we will continue to see it as a perfect complement to our outfit, both for a romantic one and for work or a night meeting. This shade is ideal for use with dark shadows and highlighting all over the eyes and cheekbones for a dramatic look.

Another great option to try is the brand’s Sunkissed Body Highlighter, and we’re excited to find it, as it’s not a basic makeup product. It works as a highlighter on the skin, emulating the use of facial highlighter, since it has metallic pigments that help to emphasize it; It is ideal for a look in which the skin is the protagonist, such as sleeveless blouses or tops, long dresses and to show off our legs.

Another point in favor of the brand that we love is that its cosmetics are conceived and designed for a wide range of skin tones, so they can be used by girls with very dark skin or very light skin and still highlight all the makeup. that they wear on their face. And as with the body highlighter, it also offers facial highlighters that are a good complement to the makeup base.

As a recommendation to create your makeup with watercolor technique, Sheglam has two color palettes in pastel tones that you can combine to achieve them: one is Bubblegum and the other is called Seafoam. The first one has shades of slightly warmer tones like purple, pink, yellow, green and beige, also some with glitter applications.

On the other hand, the Seafoam has shades of blue, like light turquoise and more vibrant. An idea to create a watercolor makeup of these shadows is to combine the colors of your choice and add a touch of gloss to make your mobile eyelid shine and blur a little.

do you need inspiration? watch Euphoria!

Euphoria (Serie de TV) (2019) - Filmaffinity
  • Shot from the series “Euphoria”

Everyone is watching “Euphoria” again – the second season turned out to be even more spectacular than the first. Moreover, it is interesting to discuss not only the twists and turns of the plot, but also the images of the main characters, especially their makeup – Spletnik was inspired by bright beauty solutions and tells how to repeat the “makeup like Jules” at home.

The first season of the series about troubled teenagers was released in the summer of 2019 and immediately gained immense popularity. Euphoria’s aesthetic has taken over TikTok trends in record time and, of course, influenced the fashion trends of the coming spring. The series has already been accused of promoting wrong values ​​and romanticizing depression and the use of illegal substances. But if it’s definitely not worth adopting the addictions and toxic behavior of the heroines, then trying this makeup for a party is a great idea. We decided to recall the most iconic beauty tricks from the first and second seasons of Euphoria.

Shimmery eye shadows, glitter tears and other “shiny” tricks have become a hallmark of Euphoria’s aesthetic and have topped the TikTok trends. The image of the main character Ru with such a make-up was even used in her advertising campaign by a well-known St. Petersburg bakery.

A sparkling make-up is easy to bring to life. Donnie Davey recommends using soft pastels and applying glitter with a soft brush. You can make makeup brighter by emphasizing the contour of the eyes along the lash line.

Ru and Jules
  • Ru and Jules, shot from the series “Euphoria”

For those who prefer a more feminine make-up look, Jules’ look is based on soft pinks and corals. Brighter shadows should be applied to the inner corners of the eyes. The completion of fantasy makeup will be colored mascara – on the tips of the eyelashes or “triple” arrows.

Makeup Jules
  • Makeup Julesh

Another technique from “Euphoria” is glitter on the eyebrows. In the best traditions of current monochrome makeup, glitter of the same shade should be applied to the inner corners of the eyes.

Shot from the series "Euphoria"

Shot from the series “Euphoria”

Volume lashes from the 60s

Another interesting Euphoria-inspired beauty trick is the 60s-style “sticky” lashes.

A lot of people in 2022 will pay attention and support the trend for voluminous eyelashes, because the focus is still on the eyes. Their interpretation can be different: from naturally dyed to glued together with the effect of spider legs,- Ekaterina Ponomareva, Lancôme makeup artist in Russia, told Russian Vogue .

Cassie, frame from the series "Euphoria"

Cassie, frame from the series “Euphoria”

Donnie offered her own take on the trend and recommends focusing on the bottom lashes. Compared to the first season, where the makeup of the heroines used more dramatic false eyelashes, in the second season, the makeup artists used a more appropriate technique for real life.

The ideal embodiment of this trend in “Euphoria” was the image of Cassie in pale blue pastel colors. When creating this image, the makeup artist was inspired by the makeup of models from fashion magazines of the 60s.

I knew I wanted to convey the ethereal soft energy of the 1960s through this look, so I opted for pastel looks with huge lashes,Donnie writes on Instagram.

It is easy to repeat it – just apply light shimmering shadows on the upper eyelid and paint over the eyelashes with voluminous mascara, creating the effect of “stuck together” eyelashes.

Cassie, frame from the series "Euphoria"
  • Cassie, frame from the series “Euphoria”

curly arrows

Another trend from the 60s, which the heroines of Euphoria brought back in 2022, is voluminous arrows. But they are not limited to classic options and experiment not only with color, but also with shapes.

Maddie, frame from the series "Euphoria"
  • Maddie, frame from the series “Euphoria”

One of the most memorable options is the forked arrows in Maddie’s makeup. Or rather, the lower eyelids are summed up with a black liner, long arrows bifurcate. The same technique is repeated in the inner corner of the eyes.

A dramatic version of the arrows is presented in Jules’ makeup – they are drawn not in the outer corners of the eyes, but in the inner ones. You can complement them with light shimmery shadows. This technique will be enough for an evening make-up – in this case, it is enough to apply a light balm on the lips.

Jules, frame from the series "Euphoria"
  • Jules, frame from the series “Euphoria”

The most daring girls should try arrows with a “spider” effect. To create such a makeup, you need to bring the lower eyelid, continuing the line behind the outer corner of the eye. Then draw another line along the crease of the upper eyelid and draw the branches – “paws”.

curly arrows
  • curly arrows

You can draw with a pencil or liner not only arrows. In “Euphoria” you can see another interesting idea and draw eyelashes – you can do this on the lower eyelid or on the upper one, right above the crease. The best effect can be achieved if you do it with a light pencil – white or pale pink.

Jules, frame from the series "Euphoria"
  • Shot from the series “Euphoria”

In the make-up of the heroines of Euphoria, the makeup artist often focuses on the lower eyelid. Using a pencil or liner, you can draw points along the lash line or below – in combination with a light shimmering glitter, this creates the effect of a “doll” make-up in retro style. A simple but effective idea for an evening make-up.


The make-up of the actresses in the second season is all about “minimalism that turns into glamour” and the aesthetics of the 60s. According to project makeup artist Donnie Davey , Season 2 is the introverted sister of Season 1. Rhinestones have become one of the ways to emphasize the individuality of the heroines with minimalist makeup.

Cassie, frame from the series "Euphoria"
  • Cassie, frame from the series “Euphoria”

Those who find it difficult to make arrows should try to make them using rhinestones. It will definitely be easier to lay out an arrow with rhinestones than to draw it with a liner, but this technique looks no less impressive. If desired, you can lay out a curly arrow.

Cassie, frame from the series "Euphoria"
  • Cassie, frame from the series “Euphoria”

When going to a party, we are inspired by Maddie and put accents in makeup with rhinestones. The school beauty queen draws bright arrows and sticks small rhinestones along them. You will have to work on such makeup for a longer time, since it will be spectacular only if you do it as carefully as possible. However, the end result is worth the effort.

Maddie, frame from the series "Euphoria"
  • Maddie, frame from the series “Euphoria”


Bright colors found a place in the second season, despite the promised minimalism. The best example of daring makeup is the images of Kat, who in the second season became much bolder and changed the dark shades in her makeup to brighter ones. When creating her images, the makeup artist was inspired by the nineties: neon shades are boldly combined in one make-up. To create a more “evening” effect, add a black liner.

Kat, the heroine of the series "Euphoria"
  • Kat, the heroine of the series “Euphoria”
Jules, frame from the series "Euphoria"
  • Jules, frame from the series “Euphoria”

The border between the shades does not have to be clear: on the upper eyelid, you can mix several types of shadows and create an unusual fantasy make-up.

It is worth experimenting with shades of green : this color in makeup will become the most fashionable this spring.

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