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Biker shorts are back in SHEIN : how to wear them like a 90s diva

SHEIN High Waist Solid Biker Shorts

If you have been aware of trends on Shein /  Instagram , you have surely seen that breaking the rules is fashionable. Sometimes we wear the earrings in our hair and sometimes we put clothes out of context, like biker shorts.

Even if you throw a tantrum, this garment is in fashion again and, on second thought, maybe we should give it a try.

Where it appeared?

This trend was one of the favorites in the 90s to exercise, we can see it in a thousand films and series of the time such as Clueless, Saved by the Bell, Game of Twins and The Prince of Rap, but who is undoubtedly the most remembered for wearing this garment is Diana , the Princess of Wales.


Biker shorts are back

Almost 30 years after its craze, designers apparently went on a cycling rally through the fashion capitals and decided to rescue the lycra shorts. We saw it on the catwalks of Saint Laurent, Off-White, Nina Ricci, Fenty, Yeezy and, as expected, once again,  Kim Kardashian took over the biker shorts taking them everywhere.

Are they really cycling shorts? Do I have to buy a bicycle to use them?

Yes, they are bike shorts, no, you don’t have to ride a bike to put them on, so don’t worry if you never learned to ride one. We have no idea how long this trend will last, but what is clear is that it accentuates our curves.


They are the new leggings, so if you love them, but are already bored, trust us, biker shorts are just as comfortable, versatile and practical. In addition, when they go out of style you will always have an excuse to continue using them: exercise and go out to ride a bike.


If in itself wearing any garment attracts unsolicited glances, biker shorts are specialists in marking the contour of your body centimeter by centimeter, but let nothing stop you, you wear them with pride with everything and camel toe .

What to combine them with?

They are as easy to combine as leggings, the joke is to find the perfect pair that highlights your curves of fueeeeeeeego.


Find the length that makes you feel most comfortable. They are usually worn lower than the thighs, but you can find ones that are shorter or above the knee.

SHEIN Wide Waistband Biker Shorts


Spanx ones began to be used, but the most comfortable ones are cotton ones, although you have to be careful with the color and the underwear you use, because it can be a bit transparent. If you want to avoid this, you can opt for sports and not casual ones, the fabric is thicker and they are even sweat-absorbent. Try different ones to see which one best puts everything in its place.


The most praised biker shorts on Instagram are the high-waisted ones because they give the body a more stylized shape, something very useful after having sinned by eating that pizza … complete … by yourself …


SHEIN Leopard Biker Shorts

What can you use them with?

– The supreme Goddess of biker shorts, Kim Kardashian, wears them with tennis shoes, sneakers and even boots. These options look amazing for all body types and statures.


– With an oversized shirt or sweatshirt, crop top, shirts, blouses. How Nadia Aboulhson pairs her black biker shorts with a white dress shirt.


– With a bomber jacket, a blazer, a leather or denim jacket. It is worth everything. The key is to balance the proportions. Instead of wearing them too tight, go for contrast by pairing them with loose jackets, a button-top dress, or layered clothing.

Pro tip: Something that you cannot miss to see yourself as a true queen of biker shorts is a fanny pack. At Malvestida we recommend some options made in Mexico .

So it is no longer valid to say “no one told me.” The biker shorts are the ideal garment for this hot season whether you are in the city or at the beach. So conjure up your inner 90s diva and whip out the lycra!

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