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Stylize the figure with dresses for chubby girls thanks to SHEIN CURVE
Nowadays, when women finally decide to break paradigms and stereotypes, we look for a way to enhance our image with dresses for chubby girls, to look beautiful and confident with our way of dressing, makeup and grooming. Task that seems easy, but that is not always the case, if you have a few extra kilos or are a Curvy woman, which is why many women decide to take an image assessment, which allows them to identify all the characteristics of their body, their style, your figure and the way to style and feel comfortable and confident.

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shein Curves are divine, and although many women do not know it, they allow us to play with various colors, textures and cuts that highlight individual beauty. It is no longer valid to believe in the false myth of: “if I have extra kilos or I am large in size I cannot be fashionable, nothing suits me” well NO, this is just a myth that is being erased day by day, and it allows us to see the beauty of women in different types of bodies.

Very often, I say to my clients and friends, “each body is a different world, we just have to know it, recognize it and get the best of it.”

Regardless of the volume, size, curves or weight, all women can look good, look neat and stylized, project security, confidence and elegance, if we enhance all the details of our personal image: the garments that favor us, the colors that we wear. They highlight the way of putting on makeup and the way of expressing ourselves.

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What should you avoid in your purchases if you are a Curvy girl?
There are several reasons why women are not comfortable with the way they dress, mainly due to the way they shop. If you do not know what size you are, what your body type is and what cuts you favor, it is very likely that shopping will become tedious and you will end up buying clothes that do not suit you or you like.

And, if you do not know the characteristics of your body, you can assume that the clothes will not fit you well, they are not suitable for your body type, or they cannot be easily combined. And that’s when you fall into the common mistakes:

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wear very loose garments: not because you have more volume and curves in your body you have to use a lot of fabric in large sizes trying to “hide” the curves that you should wear with pride.
buy plus size or men’s clothing
wear a lot of sportswear
wearing leggings and sweatshirts too often
buy very stiff fabrics that do not provide you comfort
And without a doubt, the most frequent mistake is: wearing clothes of smaller sizes. While it is true that loose clothing does not do you good, clothing that is too tight either, it will create more volume and rolls in your legs, abdomen, back and arms, you will not look comfortable or fresh.

When you wear small size garments, curves are created where they do not exist, that is, they are too tight and extra rolls or curves come out, this damages the harmony that is sought in your image.

What dresses for chubby girls should you have in your closet?
As in any wardrobe, you should have mostly monochrome basic garments that can be easily combined with seasonal garments and create wonderful outfits. What varies in this case are the cuts of the garments, since we seek to subtract volume and add height and symmetry.

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I will show you 4 basic garments that you must have in your wardrobe, if you want to know a little more about the basics and wardrobe background here I leave you a little help

The jean is a basic garment that allows us to create various outfits, casual or a little more formal. If you are a Curvy woman or girl, I recommend that you do not add volume with jeans that have patches, scuffs, rips, darts or very striking appliqués, that provide volume or draw attention to your hips.

Of course you can wear distressed jeans, however, it should be light or small. The cuts that I recommend so that your figure looks more stylized are the straight ones, and that provide you with comfort and are always in trend.

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Always have in your wardrobe a classic dark jean without appliqués, it is important that it is the correct size and is not too long to the point that it is gathered at the part of your ankles, this will make your leg look shorter, show off the ankle not bad.

So that you can achieve a harmonious and neat figure in this spring-summer season, I recommend wearing dresses in flowy fabrics and crossovers to enhance the waist, small prints, crossover dresses and V-cuts, they will make you look very good. Remember that the most important thing is your comfort, if you feel comfortable you will look safe and elegant. You should avoid dresses with many flights, the less volume the dress has the better.

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Coat or trench:
If your body has extra volume, this type of coat will come in handy, I recommend you without a belt