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 Shein launches #Sheinforall virtual fashion show

Shein launches #Sheinforall virtual fashion show

Fast fashion giant Shein is hosting a Spring/Summer 2022 virtual runway show (dubbed #Sheinforall). 

The livestream initiative, which takes place today at 1pm PST via Shein’s mobile app as well as its YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook channels, will feature models from around the world, showcasing the retailer’s spring/summer 2022 collection.

The event will use green screen technology to bring the catwalk to life, with the aim of celebrating body inclusivity and diversity.

Shein is soundly beating fast fashion rivals PrettyLittleThings and Princess Polly when it comes to social media spend, according to recent research from BrandTotal. 

BrandTotal analysed paid ad campaigns by the likes of Shein, boohoo, Princess Polly, Fashion Nova, PrettyLittleThings, and Zaful across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, over a 90 day period, 8th July to 5th October.

In an analysis of paid Share of Voice (SOV), which is defined by percentage of sponsored impressions, Shein won, with 94% paid SOV, compared to 3% for PrettyLittleThings and 2% for Princess Polly. 

Princess Polly and boohoo were the most likely to advertise to Gen Z (18-24) on social, as almost all of their ad impressions (94%) and (90%) targeted that demographic. For comparison, 44% of Shein’s impressions and 68% of Zaful’s impressions targeted Gen Z. 

Though Zaful and Fashion Nova are lower on paid SOV, they jump to the top three (one and three) when it comes to ad engagement. 

Additionally, regarding engagement, Princess Polly saw the most video ad views with 449.9k, followed by Shein (350.4k) and PrettyLittleThings (303.2k). PrincessPolly (50%), PrettyLittleThings (35%) and boohoo (23%) were the most reliant on video vs. non-video ads. 

boohoo, PrettyLittleThings, and Princess Polly focused the majority of their social ad budgets on YouTube.

“boohoo, PrettyLittleThings and Princess Polly have very similar social ad strategies, allocating most of their social media mix on YouTube,” said Alon Leibovich, CEO and Co-Founder, BrandTotal. 

“FashionNova has opted for a very different strategy focusing only on Facebook while Shein focused their ad strategy solely on Twitter.”

He added: “Keep in mind, this media mix analysis strictly covers ad units and does not cover sponsored content with influencers. Though Zaful and Shein, for example, aren’t spending on YouTube ad units, they’re very likely paying influencers to do try-on hauls.” 

¿ what is shein ?

Have you been curious about that clothing brand that seems to be all over our Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter feeds? A portmanteau of the brand’s original name, SheInside, Shein (pronounced “she-in”) is an online merchant with the mission of providing a plethora of trendy clothing options for adults, teens, and children at a suspiciously affordable price (more on that later.) Not only can you purchase fashion, shoes, and accessories, but you can also find homegoodsbeauty and personal care items, and even pet supplies.

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