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Choosing the ideal blazer in SHEIN (for her )

Lapel Neck Single Breasted Blazer


Many times we are faced with very simple and everyday situations, but when it comes time we get more complicated than necessary. One of those situations is when we have to buy a basic garment from the wardrobe.

The blazer is one of those basic garments that cannot be missing from our wardrobe. But how do we know which model we should acquire? I share some tips for you to take into consideration when choosing the Ideal Blazer; either as part of a set / suit or as an individual garment.



Blazer with three buttons in a straight row and ruffles on the shoulders, ideal for creating more volume at the top.

Blazer without buttons and without lapel. Ideal for tall and thin women.

Colorblock Single Button Blazer


Double-breasted blazer with side buttons. Ideal for women with little bust.


Blazer without button and with lapel. Ideal for women with a lot of bust.


The blazer or jacket is a garment that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of any executive or woman in her professional stage. Whether you are even still a practitioner and so your work environment is informal or corporate. Your wardrobe cannot be missing at least one (this varies depending on how formal the codes of the market in which you develop and the position you occupy are) and even on the season (summer or winter).

The blazer in a casual-chic look.

Lapel Neck Double Breast Blazer With Belt

Therefore, when purchasing one, you should have the following considerations:

It should be perfect at shoulder height. The seams should fall just above the edge of the shoulders and should not protrude or fall short. Tip: Rotate your arms to measure your flexibility.
Buttons: You can choose between several options. My favorite is the one with a single button, because they help accentuate the waist. However, if you have a small bust, you can opt for those that start just below it. Tip: You must be able to button it and be able to cross your arms without problems.
Colors: The basic ones are black and cream. However, now you can add colors like white, blue and gray to your wardrobe to create a wider range of combinations. But my recommendation is that you start with neutral tones first and then you can add other trendy ones, such as patterns or seasonal colors.
The flap must be in proportion to your build. If you are thin, look for the flap to be too.
Length: The classic length is that at the height of the hips (without covering them completely), especially for those with wide hips.
The sleeve: The length of the sleeve must reach the height of the wrist. However, it is very common (at least in Peru) for blazer sleeves to be very long. Do not be discouraged. Look for one that does not have buttons on the sleeves and if it fits you perfectly, the seamstress will only have to fix this detail. Another option is to fold up the sleeves!

SHEIN Shawl Collar Open Front Blazer

Pockets: If you want to avoid volume and achieve more style, avoid protruding pockets. Many blazers have pockets, advice: do not open them, or you can take them to a tailor or seamstress, to close them and thus eliminate the extra fabric.
Types of fabric: There are those made of silk, wool, linen, cotton, polyester, gabardine. It is preferable that you invest in one that you can use many times and that will not finish quickly. Also try to follow the instructions for its care and washing (dry, etc.)

Some ideas for looks with blazers, which have a good fit for different body types.

SHEIN Shawl Collar Gigot Sleeve Asymmetrical Hem Blazer


Extratip: If you already have blazers in your closet and you feel that they do not fit your body well, what you can do is add a belt or strap outside the blazer, to accentuate the waist.

I hope this information is helpful when choosing the ideal blazer. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to write.

SHEIN Graphic Print Single Button Blazer

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