Shein opens a physical store in the city of Toulouse, the third in France and the sixth in Europe: The temporary pop-up of clothes, accessories and makeup will be available from May 25 to 28.

This Pop up Store store will be located at 61 rue de la Pomme, 31000 Toulouse, but it is a pop-up store that will only be available for a few days so that those interested can come to admire the collections of clothing, accessories and makeup that are sold in your online platform.

The store will display the clothing, accessories and makeup collections available on the platform, but you will not be able to make purchases on the site, all purchases will be directly online, either on the customer’s devices or on the tablets that are available there. will be available for purchase.

The function of the store will be as a guide, so that attendees can see the pieces “live”, and later buy online. In addition, advice with fashion and makeup experts will also be offered at the Shein temporary store.

France is one of our most important foreign markets worldwide, and we see appreciation for our products growing within the country, shein’s marketing manager stated in the press release.

“With this initiative we seek to provide the best experience to our customers, so that they can explore more about the Shein products available on our online platform”

What is Shein and why is it so popular in the world?

Beyond Europe as one of the most important markets for the platform, the importance of this temporary store is that it is the third in France, following the trend of pop-up stores in New York, Dublin, Barcelona, ​​Rio de Janeiro, Marseille or Paris for a couple of years. In addition, given its 100% digital origin, Shein was positioned as the most downloaded shopping app in the world in September of last year.

Despite the enormous reach that Shein has achieved, with a presence in more than 200 countries according to the company itself, it is remarkable that very little information is known about its origins and even its owner. Its headquarters are known to be in China and research points to Xu Yangtian, better known as Chris Xu in the West, as its founder. The origin of the store dates back to 2008, as the ZZKKO store, and after several changes it became SheInside, which was later shortened to Shein, as it is known today.

At first it focused on the sale of wedding dresses, but over the years Shein has fully entered women’s clothing, accessories and makeup, although not exclusively since it also sells men’s clothing. In addition, the success of the store was such that it not only focused on the sale of clothing and by 2016 it already had a team of 800 fashion designers to design their own original garments.

2 years ago, with the inability to go out due to the pandemic, Shein demonstrated even faster growth around the world, which has led to the opening of more than 12 pop up stores around the world until the year 2022.

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