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There are products that in themselves pretend to be funny. There are others that end in another function for which it was made. Things like that happen every year. This 2021 that is ending has left us a gift of products that could interest you.

  1. M asajeador easy Shein sold for 4 euros (I usually use it as a female vibrator)
Eyes Eye Massager, Rs 60 /piece Sameer Collection | ID: 16609175833

Anti-snoring device Price: 1.5 Euros (To give as a gift to the husband in the New Year)

2 pieces Anti-snoring device

3.-   cartoon microwave cleaner Price: € 4.25

1 Piece Cartoon Microwave Cleaner

Car Seat Back Dinosaur Tissue Box 4.25 Euros

Car Seat Back Dinosaur Tissue Box

Special storage bags for cookies (100 pieces) 2.75 Euros

Special storage bags for cookies (100 pieces)

Refrigerator sticker with funny cartoons 1.75 EUROS

Funny cartoon fridge sticker

If you came across another product that could expand this list, we invite you to share it in the comments. Share it

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