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Sofia Jirau from Puerto Rico became the first model with Down syndrome to appear in a shoot for lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret.

 The girl became the face of the inclusive campaign of the Love Cloud collection. In total, 18 different women starred in the video, and the line was based on comfortable everyday underwear, including a bra for women who had a mastectomy. The campaign has already been published in Vogue.

Sofia Jirau
  • Sofia Jirau

Sophia shared her emotions with subscribers.

I dreamed about it, I worked on it, and today this dream has come true. Finally, I can tell you my big secret. 

I am the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down Syndrome! I dreamed of getting into Vogue, and today this goal has come true. People, dream big. Inside and outside there are no restrictions! Thanks to everyone who congratulated me, I am very happy,

The girl became famous in February 2020, when she made her debut at New York Fashion Week, from that moment her career began to develop rapidly.

In recent years, the Victoria’s Secret brand has made a lot of efforts to become more inclusive after a series of accusations of discrimination against certain groups of women. Trouble began after marketing director Ed Razek said that transgender and plus-size models would not participate in famous shows. Soon the Victoria’s Secret sexual harassment scandal broke out . All this greatly damaged the reputation of the brand and led to the closure of the show.

Sofia Jirau
  • After that, the concept of the brand was revised: Victoria’s Secret refused to cooperate with the so-called “angels” – top models who represented the brand, invited new ambassadors, and also attracted a variety of models, including transgender ones . Last year, Bella Hadid returned to work with the brand, who, after the scandal, distanced herself from the brand. She stated that the concept of Victoria’s Secret has indeed changed a lot and become more inclusive.

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