With this name, the fast fashion firm SHEIN bets on new raw materials in the manufacture of its clothes for the most demanding buyers. Does it surprise you? Shein has been criticized for competition for the quality of its clothing. Therefore, a response to the retail market was to be expected.

Cashmere, or cashmere, and wool, merino or angora, are the alternatives that were part of expensive garments that already included mulberry silk, bamboo fiber or the sustainable yarns of the Tencel brand. His collection of natural fabric has been well received, but this time it is oriented to the mild days that precede the imminent descent to zero in the thermometers.

MOFT has been promoted on its own facebook, instagram and tiktok pages and on SHEGLAM (its network of influencers), a practice that has accompanied shein since its inception. With this new line of clothing, SHEIN wants to reach its users with a style of elegant and refined life.

From the designer Coco Chanel to the supermodel Claudia Schiffer, who has confessed several times to keep a sweater from her father, there are many faithful to clothes produced with one hundred percent cashmere. The fashion industry has fallen at the feet of the Kashmir goat, indigenous to the Himalayas, well known for its wool. In the molting season, the specimens are manually brushed one by one, in order to obtain the finest hair; two of these ruminants are required for a single sweater. This laborious process is what makes cashmere a rare commodity. And in the face of demand, it becomes a valued asset, almost a luxury object.

This soft gold, as it is known, has qualities that are appreciated for winter: fine texture as well as resistant (a garment can last for years with good care, as Schiffer’s anecdote shows), soft and, above all, the privilege of be a good thermal insulator without losing elegance. The weight of its yarn is barely a fifth of any other wool, and it is 16 times thinner than human hair, characteristics that are very difficult to find in synthetic or technological fibers. That is why every good wardrobe is not complete if it does not include some garment of this exquisite material. The weight of cashmere yarn barely represents a fifth of any other wool, and it is 16 times thinner than human hair, very difficult characteristics. what to find in synthetic or technological fibers

Hot, chic and comfortable
The 3 Cs are the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat stand out in Motf’s cashmere and wool collection, made up of garments that range from basics such as t-shirts, sweaters, berets, gloves and scarves, to key pieces. That is, dresses, pants and cardigans. All in various styles, but with timeless cuts and soft colors to make the combinations with the wardrobe simple.

Since her birth, Shein has shown that there is no design that can resist her. But the Motf line focuses only on high-quality parts that are built to last. With this new adventure on point, clothing will be perceived as a second skin. The new fabrics are hypoallergenic, airy and, as they are wrinkle-free, it is not necessary to reserve time for ironing.

This new series is aimed at all followers of the brand, regardless of their age, style or budget. High neck, round, oversize, fitted, with or without buttons, striped or monochrome garments. Options accessible to any user, who can choose from the range of clothing compositions: one hundred percent cashmere, a mix of cashmere and wool or wool and cotton.

Elegance AT A CLICK

The street fashion revolution broke out from the home, from the comfort of being at home. Today one can dress comfortably without receiving any kind of criticism. The current style resides in the comfort of the fabrics. And in the winter seasons that pleasant sensation is added to the touch. For this reason, knitwear has earned its place on the most important fashion catwalks in the world with renowned designers who endorse it.

You can go for a complete outfit with the same texture in a single shade. Or prefer two-piece sets in contrasting or complementing colors. Or, also, mix fabrics and materials, such as a wide cashmere sweater in a brown tone with a black leather skirt. Afterwards, the accessories are in charge of putting the finishing touch to each combination.

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