Here’s how to track your Shein orders so you know where products are and when they’ll arrive at your address

Like other online sales sites, Shein , a company focused on clothing and fashion accessories, also allows any customer to track an order. This process can be done in a few minutes, regardless .

Time needed:  2 minutes.

After purchasing a new product, it is normal to feel anxious to know when it will arrive and where it is currently located. Through Shein’s official website, you can track your order to see all the progress, from payment confirmation to delivery to your address.

That said, follow the instructions below to learn how to track Shein orders:

  1. Log in with your account:Go to , hover over the avatar icon in the upper right corner and then click “Register / Register” to login;Click “Register / Register” to login (Image: Playback/Shein)
  2. Enter the order area:When the page reloads, hover over the avatar icon again and then click on “My Orders”;Access the order area (Image: Reproduction/Shein)
  3. See order details:Find the order you want to track and then click on “Order Details”;Click "Order Details" to view more information (Image: Handout/Shein)
  4. Access the tracking area:Once the website displays the product details, click the “Track” button to check the current status of the package;Click the "Track" button to see more product information (Image: Disclosure/Shein)
  5. Check tracking status:The website will show you all the details related to the order, such as when it was placed, shipped and whether it is already in transit.See product tracking details (Image: Playback/Shein)

How long do I have to return my order?

In accordance with Shein’s return policy, it is possible to return a product within 30 days of receipt. The company states that it does not accept returns after this period.Do I need to pay shipping for an exchange or return?

It depends. Shipping the first product is completely free, as the company provides a return label from the Post Office. If you decide to return more items from the same order, the platform will charge a flat fee of R$45, which will be deducted from your refund.

If you need to return items from multiple orders, Shein advises that the customer must order the return labels separately. So the whole process is free.

What to do if the order does not arrive on time?

In such cases, you must file a claim to advise that the package has not yet arrived, but this must be done within 6 months of the stipulated delivery date. Late requests may not be accepted.

Okay, now you know how to track your Shein orders.