The Chinese brand has gained positions from the rest of the low-cost market and has even become the most downloaded fashion app of 2020 . There are many things about Shein that we like more than Zara , but no one better to tell about it than the most loyal customers. We spoke to three 40-year-old women who had been shopping at Zara all their lives and have now switched to Shein : here’s why.

“Because they have a wide variety of sizes”

Plus Size Shein

We already mentioned the topic of plus-size clothing when we talked about Shein functions that we like much more than Zara. The three women interviewed are not without reason, Zara has size XXL (in some garments), but the plus-size section of Shein reaches up to 6XL+ and is much more extensive.

This is the same reason why another interviewee, Ana Boria, claims to have gone over to Shein and left Zara aside. “Shein is still far ahead when it comes to finding variety and getting a suitable garment for each body type. Especially thanks to the size guide, which is not general but specific to each garment.”

“Because they are made with the same Zara models but at a low cost”

Clone Zara Shein

On the left the famous Zara dress, on the right the option proposed by Shein.

The issue of copying clothes is very controversial, but Zara and her clones are the first to throw that stone. Now they’re getting a taste of their own medicine from her, because Shein has cheaper Zara clones that always go viral on social media.

“Because the one who attends you at Zara thinks she is a diva queen “

We do not want to generalize or say that all Zara employees are unpleasant to the public. Each experience is different, but the three women interviewed coincide in some bad moment when asking for help from a worker in the physical store . What is certain is that this will not happen to you at Shein, because your shopping will be 100% online.

“Those from Zara think they are Balenciaga”

Although Zara is the flagship of low-cost fashion , the truth is that some of its prices are skyrocketing . The interviewees are not at all happy that ” Zara’s clothes are sold at luxury brand prices .” However, they celebrate that “Shein sells clothes at an affordable price.”

“Because with Zara everyone goes repe”

Zara Viral Clothes

Zara’s most repeated viral skirt

For many low-cost brands that are on the market, Zara is always a benchmark. That makes it the first stop on our search for new trends and we all end up wearing the same viral clothes from Zara . Something that with Shein and its hundreds of thousands of proposals is statistically more complicated to happen.

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