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The actress Katerina Tannenbaum brings to life this new fashion-loving character whose wardrobe mixes vintage garments with designs from brands exalted by the ‘GenZ’

There are several substantial changes that we have seen in the return of Sex and SHEIN: Biker shortsthe City . Perhaps to compensate for the absence of Kim Cattrall as Samantha, the creators of And just like that have chosen to incorporate new characters into the plot . For example, Seema, the real estate agent that Carrie ( Sarah Jessica Parker ) befriends after selling her apartment. There is also the character of Che Díaz (played by Sara Ramírez, Dr. Torres in Grey’s Anatomy ) or Nya Wallace, Miranda’s professor at the university. Yet she has been the cool neighborCarrie, Lisette, played by Katerina Tannenbaum, who has managed to attract the attention of fashionistas . As a secondary character, we have seen her in the last two episodes of the HBO Max series, but with these few appearances she has already managed to arouse the interest of fans of the fiction set in Manhattan. 

katherine tennebaum

Actress Katerina Tannenbaum, born in Ontario in 1993, plays Lisette, a young jewelry designer who lives just downstairs from Carrie’s apartment . Upon seeing her, the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker is fascinated by her style, her youth and her group of friends. We will not tell more about the plot to avoid spoilers, but what is clear as soon as we see Lisette on the scene is that she could be a worthy successor to Carrie in terms of style .

As a good fashion lover, she throws herself into bold mixes where an eclectic aesthetic prevails over the ephemeral trends that dominate each season. In one of the episodes, she wears high padded boots with a semi-transparent printed dress that subtly reveals her underwear. In another of the scenes, she appears with striking shiny pants and a fuchsia fur jacket, making it clear that the black minidress is not her choice to go out to a party. Designs from firms adored by millennials and GenZ , such as Jacquemus, coexist with garments purchased in vintage stores (in the official account that analyzes the wardrobe of the series, they indicate that this party look is vintage).

And just like that

As we said, she plays a jewelry designer, therefore in her look the necklaces, earrings and rings in all their versions have a prominent weight. In one of her episodes we can see her wearing a necklace from the New York firm Jemma Wynne, a creation that reveals her zodiac sign , another obsession among fashionistas . That style of casual appearance, together with the carefree air that her curly hair provides (also highly commented on social networks), perfectly represents the new trends that conquer the younger generations. The good reception of the character is reflected in social networks, where many allude to the connection between Carrie and Lisette, as two very similar people living two very different life stages. 

katherine tennebaum

Katerina Tannenbaum’s personal style

Many times fiction and reality keep the odd coincidence and in the case of Katerina Tennenbaum, her ability to create looks with personality also crosses the screen . At the moment, her public appearances have been limited but in the few times that we have been able to see her, it is clear that she is a potential style icon. To attend the presentation of And Just like that , she opted for an original asymmetric outfit from Loewe. Last November she attended a Chanel event as a guest and surrendered to the most chic shorts jumpsuit, a tweed designwhite with a chain belt that we can easily imagine in Lisette’s wardrobe in the series. With the final episode about to premiere, there is little left to know if the character played by Katerina Tannenbaum will have another stellar appearance. 

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